Smiling Girl


I know it's hard to imagine that you can get passed what you've been through.  I know it has been a long journey.  I know you have felt alone.  At times, like no one understands.  Like you are losing your mind; and all you really want is to feel whole again.  To  find a sense of peace again.  Well, my friend, I have good news. 




We've been in your shoes, and we are here to tell you, you can move beyond where you are.  Today can mark the beginning of a new day. If you are ready to be you be whole again...we are ready to help you get there.  

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The Moving Past Desolation Support Group exists to provide trauma and abuse survivors a safe space to navigate their feelings and move forward towards healing.   We are here to be an aid to those that feel like they are stuck in desolation. 

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